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3d printed part compatible with BMH-02


I created a 3d printable model that should be compatible with the BMH-02 magnetic hanger which can be used with the BM786 multimeter (and perhaps others?): It slides/clips into the same slot and provides a hookable hole on the top and a webbing loop at the bottom.

Here's a link to the latest version (which might change if I make any edits): Brymen BMH-02 compatible (Main)

And here's a link to version V2 (which won't change): Brymen BMH-02 compatible (V2)

It prints in two pieces: the main body and a piece with retainers that are meant to flex during insertion & removal. The retainer piece must be snapped into the body, after printing. You might have to use a utility knife or exacto blade to clean up the thin parts that snap into the body. My test prints were in PLA, which is not very flexible.

Contrary to the real part, I did not include a way to add a rare earth magnet. But if you have an idea what size magnet might be readily available, I could probably figure out a way to incorporate one. Or, you can create your own Onshape account and make your own modifications.

I hope you find it useful, and let me know if you do!

That's great, you might want to move your post to the topic below -

Maybe upload to one of the popular 3D printing databases like Thingiverse?

You got it:

Only objection to moving it to that bigger thread is that I'd probably get a bunch of notifications I'm not interested in...


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