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3d printer to pcb miller conversion


So I have this old 3d printer, I have no idea what the brand was, and have no idea on what the board is.  Its worked for me nonstop, and never really had any issues with it so never really needed any of the above info until now.  I have converted the old girl to a pcb miller, by just removing the hot, end and attaching a dremel to it.  What I would like to use is a z-probe.  Is there a way to have an external Z probe, or can I attach one to this board some how. I Believe its just an Arduino behind there.

There is no writing on the board?

You have a Z+, Y+, and X+, inputs that can be used for whatever you want.
Easiest is to figure out what board it is, and look for the manufacturer schematic to determine what IO on the atmel they connect to. Then assign one to Z probe.

If you can't find manufacturer schematic you'll have to trace it out yourself or read all the IO, change the switch state, read again, and look for which bit changed.


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