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--- Quote from: mnementh on October 15, 2021, 12:29:26 am ---Nice; you designed your own 'fang. But uhhh... what are the two little rectangular nozzles side x side?


--- End quote ---

hi mnem, honestly no idea. I tool one 'fang that I liked and fittted to my needs. It prints well PLA. Done for now.
Hoping that TPU will als obe no problem. I will cross the bridge once I'll see it.

Another whole level of insanity to take your 3D printing further  :-+

In my list is doing investment casts using 3D printed forms.  Hasn't made it into this years actual action.  That wall hook is a beautiful piece of work.  With quite a bit of emphasis on work.

A chicken egg is a 3D printer.   ;D

Contains Naked Naomi  :o

Depending on pricing per item it might make a lot of sense for me at least to not buy into a Resin printer with all the downsides of DIY mess muck and pong. Nothing I have FDM printed so far has needed more detail or a finer finish but it would open up the option if needed and there is a few jobs that have had to be split into parts to make it FDM printable.


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