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Boring Mundane Everyday Print #288: Keyboard Tilt Feet   

Been using my Tevo Tornado since we landed stateside in Hartford, CT for all sorts of everyday prints. The latest was for this old HP keyboard stuck in the bottom of a bin forever since one of the rear tilt legs broke. Well, right now it's the only standard keyboard I have to throw on my laptop in the living room; so its time has finally come.

Took me a good 30 minutes to draw this up; I had to figure out how to do those compound fillets. Turned out perfect first iteration, though; even the recesses for the silicone rubber feet.  :-+

Printed on my Tevo Tornado in Inland Brand Purple PLA+ (From 2018!!!), 0.20LH, 60mm/s, 200°C/70°C Bed, no adhesion/supports, hairspray on mirror tile for sticky assist,infill set manually to 3mm grid, 1.2mm top/bottom, 1.2mm wall thickness. Otherwise all Cura defaults. Print time: 38 min total.

Ehhh... the boi is gaming on my laptop. I'll get you a Frustion360 screencap when I can get to it.


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Along this line, here are some risers for the Apple Magic Keyboard. I started working from home and the Das Keyboard is way too clicky when someone else is in the room, so I started using the Apple keyboard. It's way too close to the desktop, so these little risers (with rubber bumpers on the bottom) work well.

JWST's mirror actuators are AMAZING!
Breaking Taps

Boring Just for Fun Everyday Print #312: Sword Gamepiece   

           "Congratulations son; you just printed a... pubic hair."    ;)

I recently unpacked my Creality CR-6SE and have been putting it to work for myself and my son. I recently set up my son's gaming rig as well; so the obvious thing to do was put Frustion360 and Cura on it and start teaching him a useful skill.  :-DD

So the other day he decided he wanted a Claymore sword as a gamepiece...  :o   Took me a good 30-40 minutes to draw this up; I had to figure out how to make the handle and quillion. The boi did design the base, but I pretty much had to take over after that. Lots of sketches in weird places.  :-DD

Because it is small (base diameter 30mm/75mm height), and I wanted it be sharp-ish looking, and I knew I'd need to get some infill grid inside the blade itself, I decided it was time to get into the finest setting available on the profile for 0.40 nozzle: 0.12mm LH. That's 625 layers!   

So came about a fair bit of work tuning and tweaking the CR6-SE... After reassembling it post-move, I was having accuracy issues and problems with random "missing layer" print faults eventually determined to be under-extrusion; I went through and cleaned/adjusted every roller and tensioner on the thing, as well as tightening up the self-alignment mechanism on the Z-axis leadscrew nuts, and I finally had to go through the extruder as the drive cog had worn a bit dull...  :scared:

But all that work paid off... 3rd iteration (first one failed a couple mm above the base; next one completed, but several void layers made it fall apart during removal) printed beautifully. I enabled Tree Supports, then tweaked the TREE settings such that the base and contact areas are a bit oversized.

Note that this can make Cura automatically change from a single largish tree to 2 smaller ones as seen here! hmmmmm...!   

And here it is after post-processing. My son and I are both dead chuffed with the results. Honestly, I'm amazed we can get this level of precision from a V-roller build at all. 

Printed on my CReality CR-6SE in Inland Brand Grey PLA+ (From 2018!!!), 0.12LH, 60mm/s, 210°C/60°C Bed, BRIM adhesion 4mm, TREE supports EVERYWHERE, infill set manually to 1mm grid, 0.8mm top/bottom/wall thickness, Bridging Modes Enabled. Otherwise all Cura defaults for CR6-SE profile. Print time: 2 hours 28 min.


What are peoples thoughts on the Anker 3d printer? I've had all sorts of printers in the past, but seem to be slightly attracted to this one.. not sure I'm going to do the kickstarter though... not got much faith in that!


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