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Has anyone attempted to manufacture their own circuit boards with their 3D printer?
I'm looking into this as an option.
I know 3D printers can be made into a drilling machine and I've seen some examples of routed designs, that's not what I'm asking. :box:

What material can you print that will hold up to the amount of heat needed for soldering - probably none?
I had a thought experiment of using wire Solder though the head to lay down tracks, has one done this crazy experiment.
Printing on PCB material directly, basically laying down the traces

Not as good as copper, I know .. I know..
Ps. I didn't want to deal with chemicals.
Just some random thoughts.   :popcorn:

Several threads in this section already and the basic result was NOT YET  :-DD

One of the main issues would be trace width and spacing, if you could find a way to get a printer to lay down the right sort of material it would be hardto get thin enough traces to be really useful, and where they came even slightly close together there would be a good chance of them sticking to each other as they printed.

You can print conductive materials and that might be a nice way to connect two boards together or get signals from let's say the board to the LED in the head of an object without using wires.

if the printer include two or more "heads", and exist some conducting material(possible). One head print base another print “route”. how to solder it, maybe special glue?


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