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--- Quote from: Infraviolet on September 27, 2021, 11:40:45 pm ---I wish there was a good forum about 3d printing, but mostly it seems split between some reddit channels, where there is very rarely anything like a conversation or detaield discussion of a matter, and some half dead forums (the first google results) where most posts don't get replied to and the latest activity is usually several weeks old.

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Yes , strange isn't it ? 

Such a popular subject but so little on the typical web forums.

As mentioned earlier have been told that Facebook and the like have lots of 3d content, though we do not use SM sites.

Thankful we came across an established Ender 3D printer user in another non technical forum who has given us invaluable advice on setting up the hardware and how to get going with the software.

I found a forum that is based only on 3D printers, if I find it, I give it to you.


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