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Any resin gurus out there that can point me in the right direction. Bad prints.

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Hi, I have a Photon Mono X printer that I just can't get to work correctly.
Attached are a couple of photos showing my issue.
The print is not detaching from the screen.

I have tried running through the set up a few times all with similar results.

Also attached a photo of identical prints on my Form 3. These work perfectly, but of course at a much higher cost.

The Mono X was purchased to make quick prototypes but it's just not working out.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

1) maybe uv light is not powerful enough you need to increase exposure time by a bit?
2) maybe the bed is too sticky rubbing a thin layer of grease or some oily thing on it before print may help?

Many thanks, will look into that

too low exposure...
Use UVtools and follow the hints in this video:


Thanks, that’s an interesting link.
I’ll play around with the UVtest as per the video and try again.


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