Author Topic: Any resin gurus out there that can point me in the right direction. Bad prints.  (Read 783 times)

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Hi, I have a Photon Mono X printer that I just can't get to work correctly.
Attached are a couple of photos showing my issue.
The print is not detaching from the screen.

I have tried running through the set up a few times all with similar results.

Also attached a photo of identical prints on my Form 3. These work perfectly, but of course at a much higher cost.

The Mono X was purchased to make quick prototypes but it's just not working out.

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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1) maybe uv light is not powerful enough you need to increase exposure time by a bit?
2) maybe the bed is too sticky rubbing a thin layer of grease or some oily thing on it before print may help?
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Many thanks, will look into that

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too low exposure...
Use UVtools and follow the hints in this video:

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Thanks, that’s an interesting link.
I’ll play around with the UVtest as per the video and try again.

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Your FEP film is probably low grade, it shouldn't stick to the film.

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