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Bambu Labs X1 Carbon - Initial Impressions

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So not so good update. I have bed warping issue. Even before buying I've seen people reporting they have bed warping and replacing it. From what I've read it became already like this even when cold. Mine on other hand is basically flat when cold. However when it's hot, it dips by about 1.5 mm a few centimeters from the edges and stays almost flat till the opposite side with the same issue. So it's remains mostly flat in the middle but all of the edges become become lifted upwards. Which results in prints warped on the edges and with large elephant foot when printing something large despite bed adhesion remaining perfect after the print ends. Spent about 1.5kg of PETG on subpar prints of stackable component boxes I designed. Useable but ticks my OCD hard. As bed is flat when cold, first I thought it was adhesion problem as I detached the print before noticing warping. Then thought that magnetic plate is lifting up on the edges due to lifting forces and magnet not strong enough. But fixing plate to the bed on the edges by Kapton tape ruled that out. Finally checked flatness when hot and bingo.

I just got the X1 Carbon, having zero previous experience of 3D printing.
The reasons I'd avoided it thus far are speed ( I'm very impatient) and  not wanting to waste time faffing around to get it working - I just want something that works reliably, not a project.
The combination of speed, reported reliabilty, good reviews and also the enclosure (  stability and fume containment) swung it for me (with a kick from wanting to spend some money before the end of my tax year!)
Only done a handful of test prints so far but pretty impressed.  Overall build quality looks good, and software looks decent. The RFID filament ID system (optional) makes it very plug & play. Literally as simple as dropping an in an STL file, selecting material  and clicking "print.

BTW Here's the link on the UK store for the non-AMS version - expected mid-June, the AMS one is ex-stock, got mine 2 working days after order


--- Quote from: wraper on March 29, 2023, 09:45:37 pm ---So not so good update. I have bed warping issue. [...] when it's hot, it dips by about 1.5 mm a few centimeters from the edges and stays almost flat till the opposite side with the same issue.

--- End quote ---

Have you been able to improve on that in any way? (Changing the bed mounting or something along those lines?) Or did you contact Bamboo and get any feedback? Just curious, since I am also considering the X1...

Well, I modded it quite a bit. Heater is actually a bit smaller than build plate and magnetic sticker edges lie onto plastic cover which lifts up them on many machines. Also due to poorly laid out traces on aluminum PCB heater, it warps in X direction which worsens when heated. Long trace segments are laid out in X direction only and with no compensation for lower heating density needed in the middle. I guess the best that can be done without totally redesigning the bed is properly lay out this PCB with much shorter trace segments going in various directions and with less denser center. I thought to do so but it's cost prohibitive to order 3mm aluminum PCB for a one-off and it will also need some additional half-depth milling on aluminum side.
So I glued a larger 1 mm aluminum plate which goes above plastic too and put a new magnetic sticker.  Though it later warped in one corner a bit because I somewhat messed up while gluing it with epoxy, so I added some teflon tape shimming to even it out. Still not perfect but order of magnitude better than it was, within about 0.1mm flatness when cold and hot last time I checked.
As of replacement bed, Bambu initially said flatness was within spec. But when I tinkered with magnetic surface by stroking it, some bubbles developed as apparently it was glued with some air underneath which concentrated into bubbles due to my actions. So Bambu sent a new bed which is just as warped as original in X direction if not worse.

I have been 3d printing since 2011, I have had many printers.

The Bambu X1C+AMS is the best printer I've ever owned, hands down. It's the first printer I could recommend to a complete newbie and be confident they'd be successful out of the box without fiddling. I've been printing more on this printer in the past 6 months than I have in the past 6 years.

There's virtually nothing it does that's actually groundbreaking, Bambu just bothered to actually ship modern tech while the rest of the industry was content to rest on their laurels and ship outdated tech. Virtually everything Bambu implemented has been around for YEARS, just ignored by the other manufacturers.

Hopefully this is a wakeup call to the lazy complacent industry.


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