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Bambu Labs X1 Carbon - Initial Impressions

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--- Quote from: CatalinaWOW on February 07, 2024, 04:27:45 pm ---Another new X1 user after two prior Creality printers.  Really impressed with both speed and print quality.  There a few points not previously mentioned.  TPU is not recommended.  The long feed tubes and much pushing and pulling of filament is probably the reason.  So now my Ender 3 Pro is dedicated to TPU.  The AMS has proved very useful though I have not yet done a multi-color print.  Being able to select the appropriate material without manually changing filaments is nice.  Filament loading is really easy.  Just clip the filament end and shove it in.  And the ability to automatically switch to a second roll of filament when one runs out is really useful.  The ability to use the short end of a roll more than makes up for the filament used in hot end cleaning and calibration at the start of each print job. 

I still feel more comfortable with parameter setting in Cura than Bambu Studio, but for more standard prints it is more than adequate.

Overall extremely good value for the price.

--- End quote ---

We haven't tried TPU filament on anything yet. Have you tried TPU on the X1?

The speed and print quality is impressive, not just fast but with good quality as well, both together :-+

Here's an initial couple test prints we did with X1 C, green bracket is with Bambu PLA filament, the other dials are with old PLA we had laying around.


I am just reporting a recommendation from Bambu Labs.  I only use TPU-95 and suspect it would work, it did on my original Ender 3 with bowdin tube.  But haven't tried because the cleanup of it didn't work would be ugly.

Just another brief thumbs up for the X1 Carbon, we got one at work. While I don't use it personally the mechanical guys are raving about it, the speed is incredible compared to the Ender 5 we also have. Had no complaints on the Ender but the X1 can produce prototypes just as well as any external service we've used. "Good enough for the girls we go out with!"

Another serious thumbs down for the MK4

After having the MK4 for over 1 year the printer is great. Hit print and walk away, but any thing related to extra features esp wifi never working reliably.

The MMU3 has been delayed 3 times and after Prusa with my money for 6 months I might get it ( if it works no one knows)

Really wish I had chosen a Bambu over the MK4.

I've been eyeballing x1c for about a year now. I have my trusty mk3s+ which I love and it almost never failed me*. But it's an old machine according to modern standards (enclosure, wifi, camera are missing, for example). It can be modded (and that's what I did). Modding is fun when I have time and passion for it, but for my next machine I want something that has most of features I need out-of-the-box. Seriously, adding wifi to my prusa was no joke and took more time than I wanted (buying parts, soldering, and troubleshooting).

*It does have some issues, mostly with noise (I know it's supposed to be silent) due to rattling and resonating. I managed to reduce it by applyng silicone glue to the various parts of power supply, that helped, but not eliminated it (I have "silver" PSU on my prusa).


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