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Best filament motion sensor? Design or buy?

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Ah totally missed that the arm on yours was moving, as mine is corexy yeah.
I think if you had a really long PTFE tube going to the top, anchored to one spot, then it might have the same action. But at that point you'd have to build too much additional structure.

Good single switch design idea.

Yes, it's a Tevo Tornado (Creality CR10 clone), never converted to direct drive (parts are in the drawers, but always something to print...). In a near future, I plan to build a Voron or similar fast printer (tired with 30-50 mm/s and low jerk/accel). I will test your design.
Please test it with the very last meters of filament on a spool. This is where the problems occur, the filament going all over the place due to its small curvature and high springiness. (I had to tighten the nylock nut, adding friction, because the reel is pulled hard and triggers false tangle alerts). The arm moves up and down a lot, too.


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