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Black PLA any Brand Recommendations ?

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--- Quote from: edfarrington93 on September 27, 2021, 01:39:06 pm ---I was looking at Atomic filament, I like that it's made in the USA. It's a tad bit more expensive than the Hatchbox I have been using but after this last roll gave me nothing but problems I'm looking to try a different brand. Besides the poor winding of this last roll, the layer adhesion is terrible, my prints are delaminating pretty bad. I'm in Arizona so the humidity is low and i keep my printer in a temperature controlled area. I have done the same prints with a different filament color from the same brand and it works fine. So obviously Hatchbox quality control is not too great. I was wondering how the Atomic filament was, and I will definitely try it now.

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I'm also in Arizona (Tuxon) and I've been using Hatchbox with good results. Except ... once monsoon hit this summer it all went to hell. Prints were pillowing on the top, dimensions were off, you name it. My printer (Ender 3 Pro) is in the Creality tent, and I keep a thermometer in there and I noticed that it was getting up to about 110ºF in there! I put little heat sink fans on the four motors, which I think might be more helpful if the air inside the tent circulated ... but air circulating in the tent is itself a problem. Plus also too the controller electronics is baking under the printer in the tent.

The printer lives in an unconditioned room off the house, like a laundry room. What with the work-from-home there's no place to put it in the house.

Now that winter is coming we'll be back to our usual nice low dry air and the printer might start behaving again.

Yeah, I'm going to have to be careful when we hit monsoon season. I have been wanting to make an enclosure, I also have an Ender 3 Pro, but haven't had the time. I saw a couple reviews on YouTube about the tent, maybe I'll just pick up one of those and be done with it.

Mostly, all the PLA sell are just PLA mixed with carbon black. But don't think, ESun, Prusament, etc, synthetise there own PLA.
They just buy it in granulate from, probably, NatureWorks or Total.
So they are all the same.

You can find some information following this URL:

BASF Ultrafuse PLA PRO1. Best PLA on the market.

One more datapoint for you:
I have some AMZ3D black PLA that is just fine for the Prusa MK3S.
Got it on sale from Amazon.


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