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Black PLA any Brand Recommendations ?

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As a 3D newbie have only used one reel of PLA which was a generic reel supplied by Creality UK with the Ender3 V2.

Now looking for a couple more, with Black being a specific need, preferably gloss, but looking around the forum even big users like @mnementh seem to have used different brands of black filament including Flashforges which is available here along with other brands like Overture.

Any recommendations please ?

I have had pretty good success with several spools of Hatchbox PLA on my Creality CR-10 Mini.
So far my projects used both the black and white colors.

I had the need for a high temperature filament and a transparent one.
I used an Overture Transparent spool for both projects. 
It made a nice shade for a LED strip across the top of the printer.

Print samples:

In no particular order:
Matteforge (as the name implies, this is matte filament, really nice)

Plenty of others, these came to mind.

I was using Hatchbox bought from Amazon, but the last spool I bought was black, and it was terrible! The spool was wound improperly and was snagging and was looped under itself. I left a print running that had already been printing for the good part of a day, and when I came back there was a birds nest of stringing and my dual gear extruder was straining trying to feed the filament which was basically tied in a knot. I'm glad I came when I did before my printer was damaged. Amazon has pulled my review down twice, citing different reasons, but if you read the reviews quite a few people have complained about improper spool winding issues.

@MarkF -  Hatchbox often seems to be #1 in many reviews and is a good price for US users, sadly its literally twice the price on Amazon UK at $44 !

@edfarrington93  - reading various review on Amazon seems that can happen with most brands from time to time, possibly the beginning or end of a production run / big spool ?

@Monkeh  - are those listed and others all brands you have used and found ok ?


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