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Compiling and Editing Marlin 2.0


Placing these in their own topic as my Marlin 1.X brain got blown up today as 2.0 is nothing like the same beast to play with including a new to me Microsnot Visual Studio based environment and no longer can we use the Arduino IDE. Not to painful but still some  |O

Couple of very helpful how to guides mainly for 3D printing

Downloading the required bits and Compiling

Beginners guide to editing Marlin firmware **Can no longer use the Arduino IDE for this!

The nice thing with VSCode is you can have a dedicated project folder just for Marlin, with only the specific extensions you need.
Arduino IDE is not as portable or convenient in that aspect. Some settings are not even stored per project basis.

The official guide is good as well, seems even simpler since I last checked, with some auto-build extension:


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