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could anyone please print me a microscope Head adaptor ring

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could anyone please print me a microscope Head adaptor ring

i have a very old Nikon stereo microscope with a nice very heavy stand,the adjustable Head mount , has got multi angle adjustments, and i would now like to use it with my cheap new eakins c-mount hdmi/usb camera in place of the optic stereo head, the only problem is that the mount for the head has a diameter 62mm, it seems the STD/ now is 76mm
and i can not get a adaptor ring any were, i have ordered a 28mm to 50mm ring from,

as the lens i got with the microscope camera has a shaft size of 28mm and it came with a 40mm ring adaptor and the stand is just a very weak microphone stand that shakes very bad when you have to adjust the camera,
so if anyone can make me up this adaptor ring to go from 50mm to 62mm can you please let me know the price, and i will give some better dimentions, i am in the United kingdom i am now medically retired , so i can not get my own 3d printer
i will be very great-full if some one can do this for me
Thanks Dave 2E0DMB   

Another 2E0, jeepers.

I have gone to they North for the day but when I get home tomorrow I will see if I can do a basic 3d model for you.

So Dave I have drawn it up in CAD. So over to you.

This looks great , i need it to be made as i do not have a 3d printer
can you do this for me,
Thanks Dave 2E0DMB

Have you tried eBay?  I got an adapter for my Nikon stereo head to another stand for about $25 (Search: microscope head adapter ring).  Here's another example:

The older Nikon is a standard size, but smaller than most stands.


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