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Creality Ender-3 V3 SE - a beginners first steps....

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Well, not yet, at least.

I was more interested in the product doing what I expected ... out of the box.  No fiddling that might raise questions about whether I did something to stuff something up.  I haven't even looked for one of those warranty stickers.

Edit:  I just checked - and I cannot see ANY warranty void type warnings anywhere on the machine!

Also, I read the warranty card and there are only two points I would suggest are of any relevance to the sort of thing about which we might have any real concern:

What Is Not Covered
CREALITY does not guarantee the service as a result of:
4. Malfunction or damage caused by personal retrofitting, or improper installation and usage
8. Malfunction or damage caused by the use of other brand parts or consumable

I read this as you are allowed to do these things and not void your warranty AS LONG AS these things did not cause the malfunction or damage.

This has the very strong taste of a practical implementation of the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act the USA has had since 1975.

Sensible - I like it.

What I DID discover was the print head ribbon cable exited the chassis, passing over a sharp edge.  Since this cable does have movement (albeit almost negligible at this location) I will be fitting some sort of edge cover to protect the cable.  I'll see what tubing I can utilise, otherwise I'm sure I could 3D print something.

Well on the earlier Enders, user modifications were almost mandatory to hardware and software !

Expect its all turned On in the V3 software but worth checking the overheating safety features are Enabled, not always the case on earlier models.

Once in position we hold our head cables etc up with some fishing line but many print their own cable protectors though not sure if any will fit your V3 ?

Haven't revisited the fan for a bit, so this is my first functional print is this adapter for a DeWalt vacuum I picked up as ex-display stock.

Fits really well and works great.

I had wondered about how strong such a part could be - but now I know how good a 2.5mm thick section in PLA can really be.

I'm glad I went the extra mile and paid for the pro level software that allows me to work with ACIS solids.  Made this exercise much more straightforward.


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