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Hi guys I had a problem with support. I'm using Chiron printer, PLA material(190Deg, 50Deg) Speed - 100mm/s, Support - Build plate adhesion.
In CURA for both Everywhere and Build plate adhesion The support material stick together to the printed part. It's very hard to remove |O. Sometime the main parts also broken or damaged. I just Google it and watching Youtube videos with the term of "support material sticks with printing part". But I didn't get anything (maybe I don't know the exact searching term). Before buying printer I just watching some Youtube videos, they Separated the support material very easily, But I can't.  Is any solution for this problem? :'(. If available please teach me . Any Links, Videos, Pics, or Comments are very helpful.

Thanks In Advance :)

Don't know about Cura but my printer/slicer allows two different styles of support. One is pretty much full support, which you'd use if you have a different material for the support stuff (it's dual-extruder, so something water soluble would be used for support, say). The other is tree-like so you have branches which end with a point contact which is easy to snap off. I think Cura has the tree style, so perhaps check that you're using it.

Thanks for replying Mr.Dunkemhigh :)

My printer is not a dual extruder. I saw a some youtube videos about water soluble support, that was more interesting (PVA is expensive :'(). May be it's a SLA. what I'm wondered is in Ender 3 , a man printed a part in it with complex support. After printing he can able to peel the support material very easily. But My printer why dont do this :'(. typically there is no mistake on printer. what input as I given to print, that must be a output. or anyother firmware problem in it |O. I'm using PLA material, I got parameters from google ( Still I don't know where I make mistake. I do the same in ABS, I got same result. This is the  problem only happened to me means mistake on me. there is no software for Anycubic. First I talk to them and let you know.  :)

My parameters: (terms used in CURA)
Quality                      = 0.2mm
Infill                          = 25%
Temperature              = 190Deg (Filament), 50Deg (Bed)
Support                     = Touching Build plate only
Speed                        = 100mm/s
Build plate adhesion    = skirt (all used)

My English is very poor. Sorry for that, I will improve myself. :)

Thanks again Mr.Dunkemhigh. :)


--- Quote ---After printing he can able to peel the support material very easily.
--- End quote ---

Sounds a lot like when I do a raft - it is several layers covering the entire model base (plus some more). A raft for the model to sit on. The first few times I did it were a big pain since it took forever to chip the raft away from the model, and even then I couldn't be sure I'd got it all off (same material for model and raft). Then I found the trick: the model touches the raft only on point contacts (that is, not laid down as a normal layer but sitting on little dabs of material). If you get a knife in there and slash it the right way it comes of cleanly in one piece. Maybe your supports just need removing the right way...

No point in talking to anycubic or cura, you want to figure this stuff out by yourself.
There are tons of support settings to play with. Save your existing settings so you don't screw something up and lose those. I would try the tree support as mentioned as well.

You didn't post actual support settings, but I assume they are default. Default density is 15%.


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