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Ender3 v2 Alternative BLTouch Firmware ?



Am adding BL Touch to the  Ender3 V2 and many on the web say the stock Creality BL firmware leaves a lot to be desired, particularly the Z offset adjusting.

There are lots of third parties on the web doing their own updated versions such as Marlin, TH3D, Jyers, Smith3D etc. some needing compilation , some ready to run ; the latter we would propably prefer at this stage.

Any first hand experience and recommendation of these alternative firmwares ?

Marlin is the main one, and seems like Ender3 is based off of that already. But yeah, lots of work required to compile and config.
Did you update to the latest stock compatible version?

z-offset could also be adjusted in Cura if you don't mind doing things the "wrong" way.


Have the current standard v2 4.2.2 Creality firmware (non bltouch)  and  know their BLTouch version should work ok, but with limited features and not too helpful on the Z adjustment, hence looking at others.

Have seen that All3DP site thanks, and know someone who has TH3D on thier Ender3 Pro, but for the V2 seems you still have to program up the LCD as well as the mainboard, but our concern there is if we needed to revert to Crealitys stock firmware, cannot see any obvious Creality LCD files to restore ?

Smith3D sounds good, though a good few posts on Reddit saying it has problem with random freezes etc.

Jyers again looks very good, even CHEP has done a Ytube on it, but  with it being quiet new, again not sure how robust it really is  ?

Just thought it might have been a diy mod a few folk here had already made , though beginning to think it might be better to stick with Crealitys version, or Marlin, rather  than risk introducing new bugs with the others that might be problematic for newbies like us ..?

For anyone with a V2 can recommend the FREE Jyers firmware, a good video review below.

Would say the two of the many key points are a much better menu system using the lcd colour abilities,  and its varoius versions that make bed levelling so much better.
eg the Manual Mesh  version actaully shows you exacly how the bed is aligned on the screen.

Makes you wonder why Crealitys version is so limited ?

I have a few printers at this stage, its becoming an issue hah

nevertheless, the solutions that I find the best are ether go down the duet/Rep rap FW road, or add a Pi zero 2 and pop klipper on.
Both solutions allow you to adjust FW parameters ( e step, input output pins,etc etc ) via a config file witch make changing this so much easier rather that having to recompile to a .BIN each time you wan to make a change

it make trial and error far less frustrating and when you sort of know what your doing you're laughing



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