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Have a standard Ender3 V2 with the usual plastic extruder lever arm which many say will soon break and that this is avoided by using the metal assemblies which also give a better feed.

Can buy the direct metal replacement ,either Crealitys own or the mk8 clones as below.   Also there is the dual gear type which again is said to give even better performance, but have read some comment that while it fits onto the original Ender3 and the Pro, there have been problems in that the V2 motor shaft is somewhat shorter making fitting a problem.

Has anyone used either of these metal kits or say if the dual gear type does fit onto the V2 ?


I have the dual gear full-metal extrudes on all of my 5 ender3 V2.
Works nicely. especially since I moved to revo hotends...



Did you find any particular brand of dual gear extruder best, or are they really all the same from the Far East ?

I guess they are all the same...

Mine were marketed as replacements for the cr10, if this helps you...

However, I'm still not entirely convinced that they are really necessary. I went 4 or five iterations on the hotend.

I got the dual gear extruder hoping it would solve some issues...

The Revo makes PetG nearly as fool proof as PLA.
Before that I had good quality heartbreaks and super quality Brozzle Nozzle. Still, after 100h or so this needed retightenig...

The inconsistency I tried to solve with the presumably better extruder was an issue with a cheap nozzle in the end.

After "some" kilometers of filament, my first extruder now shows wear... Axially, the 2nd gear rides directly on the aluminium body...

I'm not sure if it's worth getting something better... These cheap dual gear ones are pretty affordable.


Interesting ,thanks   :-+


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