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First 3D Printer (if I may, uh.. Kind of urgent!)

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Just two. A Form 3 and an Intamsys Pro 410 HT.

The Form 3 is excellent, but has the usual limitations of SLA and expensive materials.
The Intamsys is ok. It's good and works well, but there's some things (esp material handling and waste heat) that are a bit suboptimal. It was the best cost/performance for reliably printing high temp filaments at the time though, and all the mechanical parts are pretty solid. If it was a 10k device it'd be an excellent deal.

I had a Raise3D Pro2 Plus before the Intamsys for a couple months as a trial and it was an awful mess.

That being said, you can get good results with cheaper machines. It'll just require more time investment.

Holy shhhh...  :scared: I knew you had big guns in your hand.... Congrats nice horses.


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