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Flashforge Dreamer Disassembly


I'm interested in using bigger PLA spools (1Kg) on my Flashforge Dreamer.

The OmniStand Adjustable Filament Spool Stand on Thingiverse looks quite promising -

However to remove the existing spool holder & fit new one I need access to the underneath section of the printer - there are screws on top (accessible) but (I believe) nuts underneath which are not.

Before I go it alone and start dismantling I wonder if anyone else has done this before?

Grateful for any tips!

In case anyone else was interested, I found this:

The user had a different problem, but it seems to answer my question

Forget the Thingiverse spool holders. Or any printed ones, IMO. I have a dreamer and tried most designs, from the ones with rollers, bearings, hangers, you name it. What I've settled on is shown in the photos - some plastic plumbing pipe.

All the joints are glues (I used hotmelt but whatever works) except for one of the horizontal ones, which is how you load a spool. To fix that in place I put a 3mm hole right through and then stick half a cotton bud in there. No particular reason for a bud, just that the shaft fits the hole and the cotton bud stops it falling out.

Of course, this is an external spool. I found that 1kg spools just came in too many shapes and sizes to fit inside decently, plus they restrict your attempts to prise things off the bed.

Thanks for the info.

I think I will try to make some sort of metal bracket and mill / turn a delrin spool holder, I already have all the materials and machinery / tools for that.

I already bought a 1 Kg reel of PLA from Flashforge (Amazon) to try as they are one of the very few vendors who fully detail the spool dimensions, and it will fit internally.

Buying 1 Kg vs 0.5 Kg is about 30% cheaper, and of course its more convenient

An alternative is to find a spool that fits your requirement, and just respool from a new supply onto it. You could even reuse your half-kilo spools to do that. Of course, it would be a pain if you wanted to change filament before the spool is emptied, but you can buy more 'perfect' spools :)


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