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boggis the cat:

--- Quote from: Simon on August 26, 2023, 08:40:31 pm ---The filament change over unit is nice, but as you say, best for storage. For multi filament prints it is hopeless unless the colour changes are strictly across the whole layer. otherwise you waste more material than you print! Naturally the YouTube shills never show you this.
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Every review I saw specifically pointed out the amount of wastage.

--- Quote ---They mention it and then assure that it is OK, because you can change the settings to make it less.
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Then you immediately contradicted yourself.  These "shills" clearly aren't shilling very effectively.

--- Quote ---I thought this odd, because if it could be less then why not have it as less as default. Of course, another lie from Bambu labs that the shills were paid to pedal. It takes an amount of material to force the old stuff out, if you don't waste enough you will just waste the entire print as the filaments will be mixed.
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Why are you ranting about imaginary "shills"?  What they state is correct - you can tune the filament changes to reduce waste, if you want to trade the time you'll spend for the material waste.  The main selling point is ease of use, though, not most cost-efficient prints.

--- Quote ---The speed is nice as you can print higher quality at the same speed.
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Speed is severely impacted with filament swaps.  Their new A1 model seems to address the print time issue with filament swaps, but is still single head so wouldn't improve material waste.

I'm surprised you didn't complain about this inevitable X1 / P1 series design compromise.

--- Quote ---The PLA CF materials are very nice and the layer don't show as much, but they do show at 0.2mm, but if you can run at 0.08mm and still print in the same time it is perfect as now the layers disappear. The wall dithering is also very nice, this greatly increases print time but again if the print speed is that fast then again you can allow the printer to do more work as it works faster so again a better result in the same time.
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Unclear what you're trying to say.  Do you not understand the concept of time?

--- Quote ---That is what the speed is really about.
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---Of course it is not how Bambu labs sell the printer but then they have already made clear that they are liars and they don't care. Once they have your money they have won. Oh the support was the other lie. While a 3D printer youtuber is making a video telling you how awsome the support is people on the bambu forum are complaining of no support. It took them 5 weeks to refund me with no even an apology or some gesture of good will considering that they had just slashed their prices, but then it's that chinese mentality all over again, got your money, now go fuck yourself, we can pay another youtube shill who will claim that this is just a spontaneous video and that he is not being paid for it. Yea right, it's funny how youtube is rammed with praise for BL while their forum is full of people complaining about just basic customer service.
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So the evil Chinese stole your money, but then gave it back when you couldn't figure out how to use the easiest to use printer on the market?

Looks to me like you are a bit clueless, with some racism on the side.  Your first attempt at printing on this machine was using the provided support material, right?  It is clearly marked as such.  What did you think it was?

I suppose you could argue that Bambu Lab should protect you from your stupidity, but stupid people are very good at finding ways to work around protective features so it's an endless task.  Perhaps they assumed reading comprehension and a manual would be sufficient.

No printer is flawless, and my recently acquired P1S has been good aside from the AMS, which has retraction failure issues.  My thinking is it is down to motors being too weak (cost-cutting measure, most likely - what do the engineers who designed it know?) and also scrimping on the bowden tubing lengths.  Every bend creates drag which the AMS motors have to overcome, and they're pretty marginal.  I am surprised that they haven't beefed up those motors by now - possibly there is an issue with current draw through the wiring, which may also have been 'improved' by some management type.   :-//  3D printers aren't quite 'consumer friendly' yet, so I will have to work on the AMS.

I was getting reasonably close to zero waste prints on my Sovol SV04 IDEX machine, but that was sucking up a lot of time and not generating any useful prints - endless calibration cubes and benchy's are not my ideal production schedule.  If you want zero waste, and dual colour / material is acceptable, then get an IDEX and tune it in.

Or if you really only want speed you could spend the same money on a Voron 2.4 or RatRig, and build it yourself.  A lot more flexibility than the proprietary Bambu Lab machines.  But if it doesn't work you know who to blame.

Oh, wait.  It would be those devious Chinese again, right?

I considered a Bambu, but the cloud thing killed it for me. They could also respect open source a little more. Waiting on my Prusa MK4 kit...


--- Quote from: aeberbach on October 11, 2023, 06:12:57 am ---I considered a Bambu, but the cloud thing killed it for me. They could also respect open source a little more. Waiting on my Prusa MK4 kit...

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You don't have to use the cloud - local network and SD card are supported

What is it that doesn't work without "cloud" then?


--- Quote from: aeberbach on October 11, 2023, 08:11:01 am ---What is it that doesn't work without "cloud" then?

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Automatic firmware updates
Remote camera view / operation from outside your local network


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