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Getting a new 3D printer, my there are so many

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My creality ender 3 v2 seems to have decided to quit and I have lost patience with it. I was hoping to get a dual nozzle self enclosed printer next but they seem to be quite pricy and I'd always want a little workhorse.

The Anker Make has made a lot of noise lately, bit pricier but allegedly fast, seems to get mixed reviews, as a printer it seems great but many are not keen on the slicer.

Anything I should look into?

I have been closely looking at the Bambu Lab X1 lately.  I have a project that requires custom enclosures, so I'm mulling over getting a 3D printer to do the prototypes.

What I don't want is anything that soaks up time to be able to use.  The Bambu also seems to be quite zippy, which would be of use too.

Creality's CR20 Pro type works pretty well for me, can be maintained using all the same spares you already probably have around for your ender. Some issues with bed levelling though, inherent in the printer's design of using fully automatic bed levelling without any adjustment scrws, so not great for bigger prints. Works reasonably well as a printer, but wouldn't be an upgrade over what you already have.

I have a CR6-SE and somewhat content. Been a decent workhorse since it's Kickstarter campaign. Auto-leveling has been a lifechanging for me.

Now you have me considering a new printer.

The Ankermake M5 does seem like a more finished product. The comparable one would be a Bambu P1P. Everything else seems to be a price jump.
Main thing to consider is the M5 bed volume is almost an inch less.

Sovol SV06 for $240. Has all the recent must haves.


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