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boggis the cat:

--- Quote from: aeberbach on October 11, 2023, 06:12:57 am ---Waiting on my Prusa MK4 kit...
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These are very different beasts.  The Prusa XL with multiple heads is the ideal way to do this, albeit it hasn't got an enclosure.  It's also pretty expensive, and still a bit 'beta' from the problems I have seen.

The real weak spot with the X1 / P1 series is the AMS unit.  It only just works – most of the time.

I expect Bambu Lab to update the AMS with whatever their larger enclosed design will be called.  If not, then it will still be an Achilles's heel.

I have had the same idea cca 3 months ago. I had updated from Anet A8 - OK it was not Anet any more, I have changed guide rods, bearings, vertical part was a Prusa clone etc. I had used glass on the bed for printing and Ikea Lack as enclosure. Let's say, it had worked.

I had chose to go with better printer. My candidates were:

* Prusa MK4 - build volume 250 x 210 x 220 mm
* Creality K1 Max - build volume 300mm^3
* Bambu Lab P1S - build volume 254mm^3
On the beginning I wanted to buy Prusa, but quickly changed my mind. Enclosure is necessary (I can use my old from Anet), which is quite big due to the bed slinger design. XY printers are smaller and have bigger build volumes, chosen ones comes already in enclosure. At the end I chose P1S with AMS and I have not found any issues with it (K1 does not have possibility of automatic material change). I almost do not use PLA. Mostly I print from PETG or in special cases from ABS.

My remarks:

* Compared to Anet the printing is fast and the printer is compact (needed footprint is cca 40x40cm), AMS I have on top
* I user Orca Slicer
* I do not use the AMS for colorful printing - I use it for filament storage and to ad color in one or two layers. Yes it produces a lot of poo if one wants to print in color.
* I use Ikea 365+ box for external feeding of filament that does not fit to AMS
* bigger spools need to be rewind to smaller one, AMS Hydra can be printed or external filament input can be used (I have printed Y splitter to make the job easier
* I do calibration of new filament spools + I do additional the temperature tower calibration
* I use 0.4mm nozzle and print in normal mode - for me it is fast enough and I have no reason to use 0.6mm nozzle like on Anet

I started looking at the Elegoo Neptune 4 or the Neptune 3 Pro.  Does anyone have any thoughts on these printers?

The Neptune 4 is running Klipper instead of Marlin.  It appears all these manufactures are rushing to move to Klipper.
I'm not sure how I feel about a web based printer controller.  I'm usually not big on web-based anything.

I have had a Creality CR-10 Mini for several years now.

I not sure of all the specs available, nor the actual requirements of the OP.

I do run an Ender Max Neo. It's an ok middle-of-road unit. I did though install cross bracing and some angle corners to stiffen the frame, and, it sits on spring loaded dampers. Prints are good for my needs.


--- Quote from: MarkF on November 22, 2023, 12:30:16 am ---I'm not sure how I feel about a web based printer controller.  I'm usually not big on web-based anything.

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I believe you can basically ignore most of the web part if you don't care to use it. The bigger change in Klipper is the offloading of more of the motion control computation to the cpu in the pi rather than the micro in the printer... and that part isn't really tied to any of the web ui stuff.


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