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I initially doubted it would be the colourant, but given that the MSDS I linked claimed that colourant could be a few % of the final composition I might be wrong.

Found as MSDS for UHU Color Glue Stic, but they are completely troll with the ingredients.

I didn't find Saunders SAU99601 (your link), but this link calls the UHU glue stic "purple" with a different product number, SAU99653:

That number brings up this safety sheet:

As expected it is useless, except in addition to phenolphthalein (dye --> clear), it lists polyvinylpyrrolidone ("povidone")(, but doesn't give a composition range.

If one clicks on the glue stick link in the Wikipedia article, you get this:

Edit: Sorry, I took a long time referring to post #14 and didn't see the more recent posts.

The USA Office Machines place apparently has stock (but shipping costs make it worth more than its weight in gold). Hmmm.


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Not a success :(

A bit sticky but the test print warped and lifted an edge, and the whole thing came off quite easily.

That's research.

Have you tried PVA glue (white or yellow wood glue) or rosin alone?  Polyvinylpyrrolidone is really quite similar to PVA.  Shellac may bond a little to well.  It can be used to attach irregularly shaped objects to the faceplate on a jeweler's lathe, but I have used it on a 3" hobby lathe too.


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