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Bit of a long shot, perhaps...

When I first got my printer (a Flashforge Dreamer) I spent quite a lot of time and effort sorting out the issue of having parts stick to the bed. I tried tape, glues, special pads, etc. Eventually I found the solution that worked every time: UHU purple glue stick.

But now I've run out, and it seems the purple stuff hasn't been available for quite some time. So long that there are no sources at all any more. UHU do a blue glue stick which is supposed to be the same, but it isn't - things barely stick at all, and even a slight draught can move prints in progress. By contrast, with the purple stuff I have to wedge a sharp knife under the part and then lever it off.

Anyone know of anything as good as the purple stuff? Or even the source of a few sticks?

Some people use cyanocrylate for that purpose, but in my case hair lacquer has always been enough. I also tried kapton tape once, but it didn’t work well

Additionally, activating brim or raft in your slicer might also help sometimes

Raft helps but is a pain to get rid of afterwards. Brim used to work but is no use at all now.

Cyanoacrylate sounds rather expensive and could be annoying in the case of accidents! Don't have hairspray but will brave the pharmacy and try some. I'll just say I need it for my beard.

Cyanoacrylate is cheap if you look in the right places. I buy Superglue at the dollar store, 2 bottles in a pack. It's the same stuff you can pay several times more elsewhere.

I'll keep an eye out, but the only stuff I've seen is in relatively small bottles which don't look like they would last long. Still, if the hairspray doesn't work I could well be more receptive!


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