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Higher flow with volcano nozzle and regular heater


Apparently if you need higher flow rates you can just straight up swap out the nozzle from a V6 to a volcano, no need for special orientation of the heater:

Adding some additional nuts or insulation helps but is not required.

There is also the CHT nozzle, released last year:
- Cost is about $20
- Same sort of performance as volcano
- Advantage is your Z height would be preserved

Or DIY CHT, some ways to attempt:
- Press fit a copper/brass rod into the nozzle, drill out a few holes (you'll need some small size drills and a good drill press)
- Press fit in some flat plates, maybe two at opposite angles, could even use an old penny (easiest method?)
- Solder in some flat plates or copper wires (if press fitting isn't secure or doesn't work)
- Drill and install copper wires, solder, as shown in the youtube channel above

The clones are using some press fit drilled method with copper:

No sign of solder that I see. Copper is theoretically best material to use, but in reality brass or aluminum would likely work as well.
I wouldn't buy a clone considering how expensive it is.
Nice idea !
I have pretty similar setup with my RigidBot ( Hemera + Volcano )
Using Volcano hot end was a pain with Hemera in term of cable management  |O
I have several V6 hot ends kicking around and multiple copper and even stainless steel Volcano nozzles!
I can definitely try this out, just need to get few brass nuts !!
Here is short vid of my setup


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