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How to create this in Fusion360 for printing?


I can use Fusion 360 for general simple stuff, making enclosures and that type of thing.
But I have been asked by a friend to try and 3D print a bit of trim for a 50 year old aircraft cockpit. This is used as a simulator, so there are no issues with approvals etc.
The existing part is in a number of small pieces, the pic is from a parts catalogue. I have the dimensions from before it crumbled.  Apart from the odd shape, it also isn't flat when looked at from the side but curves gently.

I can sketch the top view fine, with all the appropriate features, but then how to get it into a smooth surface shape ~1.5mm thick with the appropriate curves etc. is giving me a headache.
Does anyone have any pointers as to where to start and the easiest way to recreate the part in Fusion 360?  Even a pointer to a suitable tutorial video would be good.  I've watched several byt they seem to be for more flowing shapes, like the backs of guitars, or tool handles etc.  Nothing quite as angular.  Overall the part is 85mm x 90mm.

edit just to say the part isn't available after a bit of searching around.

Would either of these help  ?

That form face tool looks like it will work. Thanks for that.  Much tinkering still to do, but getting there, I think.

Trawl this YouTube channel he is a Rockstar when it comes to oddball surface modelling and Fusion more generally :-+

Just for fun while I had a Beer  :popcorn: and snacks  >:D Feel free to download this and have a play


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