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Install webcam in Linux Mint 21 so I can use it with Octoprint


I have an old NUC with Intel Celeron and I thought why not use it as an Octoprint server. I installed Linux Mint 21, Octoprint, SSH and everything works like  a charm ... except for the video stream. I have a Logitech C615 and it works well in Cheese but I cannot get it to work with Octoprint. I tried every instruction on the web (I'm not very knowledgeable in Linux, so to speak) to install mjpg-streamer, with no luck. Is there any Linux  guru that can help me with this or do you know any working step by step sequence that I can follow?


Edit: To moderators, I think this topic belongs here because is about Octoprint and 3D printing and not only about computers, but if you want to move it then, well...

Only used cheese as a fleeting glimpse not familiar with Octoprint. But here's my quick guess anyway..

Cheese might be more aggressive in finding your camera but maybe Octoprint requires a specific parameter to find the camera.

I'd try and find what the location of the camera is, /dev/? and see if there's a way to make Octoprint accept it.

Can Cheese's video be piped to octoprint somehow? Also, check if the camera setup works with zoom/google meet/other common videocall platforms, if it does than you knw this is an octoprint complication specifically, if it doesn't then you know it may be an issue with the camera which cheese happens to be lucky enough to overcome but nothing else can. I'm on Mint (and older version), and have found USB webcams and inbuilt ones to work fine with everything I've used, but I've never used Octoprint. Does octoprint have its own forum you could report this on?

Thanks guys for your answers! Sorry, I was crazy busy these days. I finally managed to configure it with information combined from all the corners of the internet. There’s only one more thing to do, make it start at boot. That part doesn’t work yet. If I log in or ssh in and start it manually it works, but the service doesn’t seem to start at Linux start. I also get an M112 shutdown error when I connect with Octoprint to the printer and I think it is because I’m running Jyers SW which I like, but I understand it is based on an older version of Marlin which is buggy. I may have to upgrade to the latest Marlin.

You can make the program start on boot by adding the executable path to the /etc/rc.local file.


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