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Hi all, printers been perfect all year, then I changed main board to skr 3e mini and tft3.5. must have knocked something in the process as I now have layer shifting grrr.

Attached is a closeup of 4 sides of a chep calibration cube that I stretched to 60mm in the Z direction (wanted something quick to print)

Also attached is a closeup of spice jar rack I was trying to print first, printers been fine  been perfect before this.

Should I be looking at the X axis to fix this please?

Many thanks

Hi, I'm not an expert, but I think that something is loose on the X axis (assuming it's a cartesian type printer) . It could be something easy - like the belt isn't properly tensioned or the grab screw that holds pulley on the motor is loose.

Thanks, checked the belt and the wheels, all seems OK, as it only happened after replacing the main board, I decided I was going back to the old one.

But I stupidly got black smoke to appear on old board grrrr  (thread in repair section).

Should have left it alone lol

Layer shifts and ghosting are problems caused by your print speed being too high


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