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Magnetic Precise PCB Probing


It's not my design, but I ran across this today and thought others might be interested.  I was looking at the PCBite for a while now, and it might be the better solution, but I think I'll give this a shot first and see how it goes.

There has been a few 3D printed options in the past too. This one springs to mind and I am sure I have seen others so a little more Thingiverse searching might help find them.

i printed the acupuncture needle one in the past. worked horribly for me, could never get it to work right. maybe it was my print setup or the way i assembled it, i don't know. the PCBite is the single most used piece of equipment in my lab, highly recommended, and they just came out with new removable probes too. Its the purchase nobody regrets (if you do SMD probing often)

the "Magnetic Precise PCB Probing" looks like it might actually work too. the issue i had with the acupuncture was how flimsy it was, but that looks more sturdy.


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