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Micro Swiss NG Direct Drive Extruder


I knew about this new drive but I hadn't ordered one yet. Then last week I got an email from them giving a discount code, so I went for it.

The only problem is ... it won't simply bolt on my printer.  :-DD

It's designed to bolt on an Ender 3 with the original X axis using the plastic wheels. Mine has been upgraded for a couple of years with a 3D Fused linear rail for all axes. So, I'm going to have a project designing a mounting plate to couple it to the linear rail bearing which has 20mm x 20mm hole pattern. I'll also need to make a new belt clip too.

Should be interesting.  :popcorn:

Here's a prototype plate I printed using the existing setup I have on the printer. I used a weak 20 % infill for a faster print since it won't be used for more than a few trials. The top two protruding areas with small holes are cable tie points. They may be moved when I see how things fit. The slot just reduces material waste until I get the whole thing right, then it will be removed.

The four small holes in a square pattern accept four screws that hold it to the bearing. The two large holes at the top and one "nub" at the bottom fit into the parts on the back of the NG that had to do with the wheels of the original Ender X axis. But in this case the top two will be used to secure the belt clip, and the bottom "pin" will go into an unused hole for extra support.

Since this fits the back of the new extruder OK, and using a spare linear rail as verification it fits that, I will plow forward and mount the new NG extruder and see if I can get things going. If it works, I will refine the part once I see how things fit, and print it with the new NG extruder.

The final part will have at least 50% infill and be printed in light gray PLA. The good thing is this part isn't near any really hot areas (mostly blocked by the aluminum frame of the NG) so it will work out fine.

I made use of the threaded posts on the back where the plastic wheels would have mounted, and the unthreaded hole at the bottom. The two threaded holes accept M5 bolts that go through the belt clamp (also redesigned) and tighten into them. The bottom hole has a "post" going through it from the plate and a screw goes into that from the front.

I also cut off all the aluminum parts (except for one on the left side) that were meant to hold the belt - not needed here and got in the way. The one part I left on is what trips the X axis limit switch perfectly.

I made several intermediate prototypes before I got it the way I wanted it. The final plate was printed with the NG extruder mounted using an intermediate prototype plate with only 20% infill. The final plate has 50% infill.

It works really well and the printed models are better than what I had before.


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