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Saw this on the Prusa 3D forum.
Looks like pretty usable results and I thought it could be of interest to people here :)

That could lead to some possibilities, not least spending more money!

OTOH, it's still a wet process with horrible chemicals. But if you've got that printer you're halfway there anyway. Hmmm.

But this still runs into the same issues as any other home method - double sided alignment is not trivial, plated though holes are not possible without very dangerous chemicals. Solder mask is also questionable.

And given how cheap professionally made PCBs are, it is not clear if inventing new ways to make things at home makes a lot of sense.

Homers have their place. At least until JLCPCB can take an order at 10pm Saturday night and deliver the board before Sunday.

For sure, but this clearly differentiates the designs. You are either designing for home manufacturing, or for professional manufacturing. There is no way you design a board for PCB house and then realize you need it tomorrow, so you just make it at home. This does not happen unless your PCB is very simple to begin with.


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