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Recommendation for offline Windows 3D modeling program?

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I would like to learn how to design 3D models from scratch, for 3D printing.  I've used Blender in the very distant past for modifying game assets, but that's about it.

My requirements is that it be Windows-based and offline, not cloud-based.  Also popular enough amongst the 3D printing community that I can easily find help/support/tutorials online.

Any recommendations?

I've been using FreeCAD for sometime now.  It has some hiccups but it's free and totally off-line.
   Newer GitHub version of FreeCAD for Windows  or  FreeCAD Wiki for other downloads

Here are a bunch of tutorials that helped me get started:

solidworks. the gold standard

+1 for freecad
there is a learning curve, like any cad program, but there are plenty of tutorials on youtube
and it's free. and offline.
and works native on macos ( that's what decided me to use it in fact)

I used a cracked Solidworks form some obscure Torrent for a while, then I discovered FreeCAD.
The FreeCAD community is amazing if you post your problem before to go in bed in the morning you get already the solution served on a silver plate.

Not the best program for sure, but it is free and well supported.
I always got the job done with FreeCAD.
If you know python then again another big plus for FreeCAD.

Finally the cherry on the pie was for me the integration with KiCAD.


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