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removing the BL touch from an ender 3

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--- Quote from: Simon on August 18, 2022, 09:18:52 pm ---
--- Quote from: MarkF on August 17, 2022, 08:13:14 pm ---You need to insure which board is in your Ender 3.
The configuration file has three different boards (Attached are the files I think you need to choose from)

You MUST copy the correct configuration files for your printer and overwrite the existing files in the Marlin sources.

I would build Marlin without any changes to insure it works and then make the changes you want.

Edit-  This may also help:

--- End quote ---

I'm confused, why does no one acknowledge that creality provide firmware for each machine, why is it like the only way is to compile the whole thing from scratch?

--- End quote ---

Because most of us who've spent a little time learning about these machines don't feel the need to waste our time with their confusing out of date firmware releases?

Have you sorted out your problem yet ?

If not, have you tried restoring the original factory firmware, NO compiling needed.
Here is a video of exactly what to do.

Impossible to know waht you have already done to the firmware, but if the above fails,  remove the SD card, reformat it and copy the .bin file across again,  if that still does not work, repeat this line but then once copied across, rename the .bin file to something totally different as sometimes the ender will not update if it thinks its the same file as it already has, even if seemingly bricked.

Well I eventually sorted it out, after bricking it with the wrong version of the software I got the right one on and the damn BL touch off. I think the reason the touch was not working was because the plate had to be lifted so high that is was no longer under proper tension from the springs.

As predicted having set the printer up properly I was able to do prints reliably with no issue safe in the knowledge that if the first layer still did not look right on one side I could tweak it on the fly and that would be that, with the touch this tweak would be constantly calibrated out.

Back in production then    :)
Though not one for upgrades just for the sake of it, initially had problems with maintaining bed level,  replacing the stock bed springs really did improve things, allowing good pressure without having to screw the springs up way too tight as with the original weak ones.
A dab of tipex etc on the those adjusting wheels lets you see if any have moved.


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