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I am in need of a rotary knob with a 6mm D shaft.

I found one on Thingiverse, however, the diameter and height is too big. To confirm whether the style was correct, earlier I printed the one in the attached file, and, as expected, it's too large (it covers writing on the front panel).

My slicing software allows me to scale it, however, it also scales the D shaft hole.

Attached is the zip file from Thingiverse.

Does anyone have software that will scale it without affecting the center shaft hole size?

It needs to be approx. 13mm height, 18mm diameter at the inside end, 17mm at the outside end, and the inside needs to be 3.15mm hollow before the D part of the hole starts (if this makes sense).

Trying to tweak the hole for the shaft may not be feasible, but thought to throw out that size too.

This knob is for an adjustable power supply. The knob broke and was thrown out by someone. If the knob is too large in diameter, it covers writing on the front panel. If the shaft is too deep, then the button can't be pressed (it rotates and also has a on/off press function). I thought to try making one myself on SketchUp, but I wouldn't know how to create the side notches.

Editing STL with many faces like this is complicated. If you can't scale it in the slicer (eg: prusaslicer can scale on separate axis) then you may be better of searching for a parametric knob.


Or maybe there are some Blender wizards here on the forum?

I assumed scaling it would be difficult. If not for the hollow d shaft, I could have scaled this easier.

Maybe the links you provided have the correct size; let me check later.


--- Quote --- I thought to try making one myself on SketchUp, but I wouldn't know how to create the side notches.
--- End quote ---
sketch up tends to get  things reversed,something to with it modeling faces,not a solid object.On shape is my weapon of choice ,although tinker cad might be an easier option.What id do is double check the d slot size,re scale the model  and then make the d slot the size you want.

Unfortunately I don't exactly have access to a system that allows newer software to work. My old computer still runs XP (long story, but I have lots of expensive software that is costly to update onto a new system and is too old to use with modern revisions of the software), my other is a 32-bit laptop that runs Ubuntu, and normally I use my work laptop that blocks installing software and/or using online sites such as 3D modeling.

The one I've used is SketchUp online (works with Ubuntu 32-bit), and I think it is horrible, however, it has allowed me to make a few designs. Sadly, errors don't show until I generate a STL file and place it in slicing software. At that point blank areas show and will make me realize lots of time was wasted.

If not for the lines on the side of the knob, and wanting it tapered (although I can live with it being cylindrical), I'd design it myself in SketchUp.


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