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--- Quote from: bostonman on March 22, 2022, 11:50:47 pm ---I'll look, but is FreeCAD the one where it's manually typing code to get objects?

--- End quote ---

Watch the two YouTube videos that I linked to earlier in this topic to get started.   |O |O |O
Follow the same YouTube poster for all of his training videos.  They are very good and will reduce your learning curve tremendously.

A FreeCAD example of what to expect:

Here is a project box I'm doing in FreeCad for a power supply I'm getting ready to 3D print.
The power supply PCB I did in DipTrace and its 3D viewer created a .step file I was able to import into FreeCAD.
The transformer and terminal strip I made with FreeCAD and exported a .step file for each.
The switch and banana jack .step files I downloaded from 3D ContentCentral.

Being able to import 3D images for each component greatly helps design and layout the overall box.
Many pieces coming together to work out clearances for each component.


And also an open frame mount for my Function Gen and eLoad modules.
Sorry, I don't have a model for the amp meter.



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