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--- Quote from: Mr.B on November 09, 2020, 03:01:24 am ---Even with glass instead of FEP plastic film I suspect there may not be a lot of difference.
The Z axis still needs to lift up high enough for the resin to completely flow under the model before the model is lowered back into the resin.
I guess it depends on the viscosity of the resin as well...

--- End quote ---

Yeah, I can see how it's necessary to lift high enough to permit the resin to flow under, but it looks to me that many of these printers lift more like 7-10mm -- seems way more than necessary to permit even a viscous fluid to flow back.  If it is largely driven by the need to let the resin flow back then the distance the build plate lifts is more a function of the time needed than the physical separation needed.  If we're looking at time as the most important factor then perhaps some greater smarts on the geometry of the layer just exposed might permit a variable lift distance/time  -- a layer that extends 20mm by 20mm would take less time than a layer that extends 100mm by 80mm.  Being able to account for layer geometry could then reduce total time be a fair amount.


Some improved smarts in the slicer for that purpose may speed things up considerably.

So much for a couple of weeks to build my fume cupboard as I stated above.
Life got in the way.

Fume cupboard complete. I can now print with the SLA resin printer and also experiment with ABS and PETG on the FDM printers.

Let the printing begin...

That's a big step - but it sure makes a lot of sense (especially if you have the room).

I have just about run out of room to expand.
There is enough room behind me, from where I took the photos, to put another similar sized workbench if I ever needed to.
I would have to sacrifice some storage shelves to do that though.
Our house is late 70s era – back in the day when they built rock solid oversized homes in NZ.
The wall at the back of that cupboard is 200mm thick reinforced poured concrete… and it is an internal wall.
Unlike today when they put a poky wee place made out of balsa wood and cardboard on a handkerchief sized section.  >:D


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