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--- Quote from: dunkemhigh on October 12, 2021, 11:42:50 am ---I think it would depend on how you intend to make the physical stamp. For instance, if I am going to use a laser than just creating an image file (jpg, png, gif) would be fine since that's what the laser software can cope with easily. However, if I were going to mill it then I'd need to end up with g-code. For an image I might use Affinity Photo or Designer, for g-code I would probably draw it in TurboCAD and then generate the g-code with SheetCAM.

Of course, what you have sitting around would dictate the precise details for your usage. I suspect someone may be along shortly to suggest something like Fusion 360 :)

[Edit: happened while I was typing...]

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Ink beads off TPU, so won't work. You need something like EVA, SEBS or TPV (e.g. Santoprene). They carry ink quite well.

I've acquired a neoprene (I think) sheet to make the stamp from. Just completely making a laser installation and figuring out speeds and powers...


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