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Stanley Model 1 ?


Does anyone know anything about a Stanley Model 1?  A friend dug one out of the trash, and it appears to work.
I am pretty sure the settings are all wrong for the filament that is loaded on it.  I've tried running the sample prints in it, and they start out OK but then run into trouble.

Apparently, you need to install a firmware upgrade, as Stanley no longer provides filament cartridges.  After the upgrade, can you just buy filament or do you need to keep replacing the cartridges, tooo (due to the chip in them.)

Thanks for any info you can shed on this.


Well, I got it working!  I downloaded cura, then had to download a set of config files for the printer, then got a random model from Thingiverse, sliced it for ABS, and got an ASTONISHINGLY good first print!  It even had a bridge overhang on the top, that printed better than most of those sort of things I've seen.

The only thing I haven't gotten to work so far is the ethernet port.  That could be a password problem.


The obvious thing is no I don't have a Stanley model 1 but I have a #3 and a #5.

Good pickup and surprising it wasn't locked into factory spools and slicers  :-+


--- Quote from: beanflying on June 03, 2021, 02:29:30 am ---The obvious thing is no I don't have a Stanley model 1 but I have a #3 and a #5.

Good pickup and surprising it wasn't locked into factory spools and slicers  :-+

--- End quote ---
This is something I don't know, yet.  The slicer is fine, Sindoh has a set of config files that lets cura make g-code for it.
You get a "not in stanley format" error message but just OK past it, and it works.
Apparently, there is a firmware update that allows you to use Sindoh cartridges on the Stanley.  I DON'T KNOW if my machine has the update or not.  Stanley has apparently gotten out of the business, or at least abandoned the Model 1.

It also seems there are a bunch of people selling filament and fresh chips to go with it for Sindoh, and at reasonable prices.  So, the lock-in seems to be pretty relaxed.


I've played around with it some more.  It seems the Stanley Model 1 and the Sindoh 3DWOX have a little bit of a design problem.

They use a cartridge with a pair of feed rollers that feeds filament from the spool through a long tube to go to the extruder drive wheels in the printer.  They have a clutch in the drive gearing to engage the feed rollers.  What I have found is the rollers are extremely stiff to turn.  The clutch is only engaged to start feeding filament to the extruder drive, then the clutch disengages, and the extruder drive wheels have to pull the filament against the drag of the spool, rollers and tube in the cartridge.  I'm guessing the rollers have swelled, got gummy, or just need some lube on their shafts.  Anyway, sometimes it feeds OK, but 3 out of 4 times the filament drags too much and the drive wheels gouge the filament and it jams.  I have pulled the spool out of the cartridge and fed it straight to the extruder drive, and the machine worked perfectly.

I did tear the entire extruder driive apart, and found the drive wheels neede their bearings lubed.  I may try to get the cartridge rollers to operate with less drag.  But, plan B is to cut a hole in the front of the cartridge and make the initial feed from the spool by hand, and then let the drive pull straight from the spool, eliminating the rollers and long tube in the cart.



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