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• First of all, you need to protect it from dust. Therefore, I recommend that you store it in an insulated nylon bag.
• Before storage, I recommend cleaning the bearings and lubricating them with a spray like WD40.
• Be sure to put the Silica-Gel packages in the plastic bag you packed the printer. It will protect from moisture in the long run.
• If a filament bobbin is loaded on it, be sure to use silica-gel or remove the filament bobbin and store seperately.

The most important part is remembering where you store it ;D


--- Quote from: Ian.M on December 30, 2022, 03:58:33 pm ---
The one big thing you've missed, that may be applicable to some types of printer is:
Remove any wheels in the mechanism with rubber or other elastomer tyres so they don't develop flats, and store them wrapped in acid free tissue paper in a sealed plastic bag.  If there were traces of oil or grease on the tyre, there's a risk it will degrade in storage and need replacement.

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I didn’t use my printer for about 6 months due to health problems, I ended up replacing all the wheels as most had developed flat points. 


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