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Those odd things that stump you. Bltouch fault


Hi all.

Haven't used my printer for a while, but needed to print something this week.

BLtouch was playing up.

I took it off and replaced the pin

Tested it before i screwed it back in place, worked perfectly, reassembled it, doesn't work.

Long story short, if it's hanging loose, I can move it into any position, twist the wires all over the place etc and it works 100% perfectly.

Within a second of me holding it (by hand) against the bracket I printed for it, it stops working.  Can repeat time and time again, it makes no sense.

Can even hold the cables tight in various directions, again it works 100% fine but within a second of me very loosley hoding it against the mounting bracket, it stops working.

Vid attached.

Will probably buy another one as a couple of years ago one of the screw ends snapped off, but still very odd.


Thats a strange one, though might be worth doing a resistance check between each wire to the BLT  and then between the chassis.

Lots of versions of those devices around but seems you do get what you pay for in that the genuine ones are more accurate.

We have just got a cheap clone and a friend has an Antclab one and we both ran a set of identical tests on them both and it really showed how much better the Antclab one was.


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