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Today I was glad I had splurged on a Mitutoyo calipers/micrometer

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I dropped my box of needles for unclogging the nozzle and all the sizes got mixed up. But at least I had an accurate measuring tool.

Mitutoyo is a top notch product, although for this specific task a Harbor Freight cheapie would probably work just as well.


--- Quote from: james_s on October 11, 2022, 06:23:01 pm --- Harbor Freight cheapie
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In Canada we call it Canadian Tire and the brand name would be Mastercraft instead of Hercules. But they are essentially the same company.

I was going to say the same as james_s.  That is, anything would work for sorting needles.  Having said that, I have never scrimped on my measuring tools and have never regretted splugging on them (within reason).  They include Mitutoyo, Brown & Sharpe, Starrett, and Fowler.  HF is noticeably absent.  I do keep my first caliper by Helios in the barn.  It's a great dial caliper and is 50 years old. 

One of these days I'll buy a good quality caliper. It would be worth it just to not have to remove the battery every time I store it. A hard power switch would be infinitely better than the soft switch that still drains the battery in a few weeks of sitting turned off.


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