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Under-extrusion around the edges of circular holes

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The third row around the hole seems to had been splitted in half by a local retraction, there is probably a gradient of temperature that split the circular parts from the rest of the part, don't you think ?

Try Cura 5, it has variable line width so may affect this problem.

--- Quote from: Infraviolet on May 31, 2023, 07:00:44 pm ---Ultra-high wall line counts don't actually work so well for solid printing as zig-zag infill at 100%, simply because certain shapes of feature cause gaps when you've got such a concentric perimeter following pattern, whereas zig-zag fills all of these.

--- End quote ---

Can't say I've had that issue with my parts.

Looks like extreme overlaps might have worked, though not sure yet if they propagated through to cause dimensional inaccuracies on the outer external perimeter walls. The other technique seems to have given some success to, a cutting mesh with altered settings seems to let me affect only area near holes and not the outer external wall areas. Skin overlap I could only dare increase in the cutting mesh example, not the settings-all-over scenario as it did cause lumps in outermost walls.

Also unrealised to me, Extra Skin Wall Count in Top/Bottom was defaulting to 1. I set it to zero to ensure the other setting changes would have the proper effects.


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