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Due to crappy design of dehumidifier, I have a couple of reels of 1.75mm filament that is in very short strips. Short enough to just fall off the reel when it's picked up.

Seems a shame to bin it all. What could I do with it?

So its already cracked in many places? You can't just dehumidify it again to fix it.

Other than injection molding or melting, melting and re-extruding, or using in 3D printer pens, not much I can think of.

Yep, it is in discrete lengths of 1" to 4". Nicely curved but not extrudable and even too short for a 3D pen.

Plenty of options to melt it down but a sort of open lattice tray or mat might work ok with filament bits. There has been other youtube videos along these lines too with other plastics but most involve a shredder. ** Be careful of incurring the wrath of your SO or stinking your house out if you goes tits up too if you are using the kitchen oven :-DD

Thanks. It's PLA so shouldn't stink too much. And the grill I use as a PCB oven might be suitable...


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