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Water cooled extruder?


Just saw this

It's cool (no pun intended) but really necessary? The fan seems to work fine, what am I going to improve for $172? Do the prints improve? If so I'd like to see a before and after print quality comparison.

The extruder is supposed to be hot. Cooling may be wanted for the transport, but the needs are not that extreme.
To get a good speed of the mechanics, a low weight helps - I would consider the water cooling a bit on the heavy side.
To improve on the temperature control a better placement of the heater and sensor and maybe more intelligent control would be the more more logical way to go.

Watercooling is a must for high-temp filaments and printing sensitive filaments (e.g. PLA) in an enclosed chamber.

My Intamsys Pro 410 has a watercooled extruder heat break and it never had issues with filament jams in the extruder. For comparison, the Raise3D Pro2 would jam constantly with longer prints.

But if you don't have a printer in the 5-digit range, you don't need to worry about it.


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