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Will I get sued for uploading this file?

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If that would be the case,  even the wire manufacturers can sue you! You are just being paranoid.

Alright thanks everyone for the reassurance and those links to other Grove connectors!

I decided to move forward and upload the file.

Feel free to download it and start printing your own PCB Grove connectors  :)

Pineapple Dan:
I can't imagine you'd get sued.

Seeed are based in China. This for a start will make it harder for them to sue you, if they had a case, which they most likely don't.

Do you know of any cases where someone was sued for copying a proprietary connector and won? I have personally never heard of it. There also isn't anything unique or innovative about those connectors so they probably don't own a patent (you can chick this to be sure). If you simply 3D scanned one of theirs and uploaded there is a slight chance you might be in trouble but if you designed your own one to be compatible with theirs there's less of a chance you'll have any bother from them

Also it is a risk for them to sue you, they probably don't know what assets you do & dont have. If you are a pauper and they sue you & win they won't even be able to get enough out of you to pay their lawyers

There are three forms of protected IP in most places:

1. Patent, which protects 'designs of things'. It's unlikely such a connector could be protected by patent.
2. Copyright, which protects 'creative works'. The datasheet of the connector is protected by copyright, as are any design files created by the manufacturer, but creating your own implementation is not.
3. Trademark, which protects 'brands', and likely doesn't apply here at all unless you start trying to sell it using their branding.

So I don't see how this could possibly be infringing. Most places also have some exceptions or more leniency if any potential infringement was for the purposes of interoperability, as is the case here.

But I am not a lawyer, and as others have said, you can generally be sued (or more likely sent a cease and desist) for anything, whether you are in the right or not.


--- Quote from: curlytalegames on December 19, 2021, 04:09:16 pm ---I'd like to use this connector in my open source project as well as release this file for free. If I did that would I get sued?

--- End quote ---

Don't host the file yourself. Anonymously upload it to Worse that can happen is thingverse gets a C&D order from Seeed.

Caveat: I am not a lawyer.


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