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(un)Availability of PCB materials is causing a mess of Altium projects.

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--- Quote from: alexwhittemore on July 16, 2021, 08:19:44 pm ---I can't say I follow your point
--- End quote ---

The person you responded to is the lead PCB designer at tesla. I would tend to take his advice if you are involved in quality PCB production (industrial/avionics/auto/etc).
Of course if this is a low quality consumer product (OP provided no details on that, or why the stackup is critical at all), then feel free to ignore. At that point I may consider a generic JLC stackup and just order from them, assuming their spec is good enough. Redesigning the PCB each time is asking for trouble.

Ahh, so you're saying free_electron is personally responsible for all of OP's laminate supply evaporating ;)


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