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96 pin ethernet magnetic transformer



I am looking for an 96 pin ethernet magnetic transformer footprint for altium. But I can not find it. would you send me its footprint or datasheet?


You can either a) draw it yourself; b) ask the component manufacturer if they have one; or c) pay a footprint library like Ultra Librarian or SnapEDA to draw it for you.

It also doesn’t help that you don’t provide any information on the part. Even if someone else has done it, without a part number, etc. they can’t know if it’s the right one.

What nobody is going to do, however, is draw it for you for free.

thank you,
I have sent Email to the company to send me its datasheet, but unfortunately the they didn't answer me.
I think I should use another one that have datasheet at list
thank you for your reaponse


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