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AD18 Pin Properties -- Can't find "connect to"

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Before AD18 when I hid a pin, either in library editor or in the schematic, there was an obvious place to write the net it connects to.
Now in AD18 I can hide the pin via a checkbox in the Component Pin Editor, but there is no place to specify the net this pin connects to.
Obviously before I hide the pin (typically power and grounds for dumb logic devices) I need to make sure it's connecting to something.
So how do I do this in AD18?
I've searched many days and can't find anything.

Documentation doesn't say anything about connect to:

However AD17 documentation does cover the topic (even if the link indicates AD18)

Easy answer: Don't hide pins ;D Think of the poor techs who might have to fault find your boards.
.../rant. And sorry, I don't have an answer for you. I'll get my coat on the way out.

I wonder if they infer connectivity from other Parts if the pins are common (belongs to Part 0)?

I like to hide redundant pins (like power pins on multipart components; note that this serves to improve clarity to the tech :) ), but I haven't updated to '18 yet so I don't have an answer...


It's still there, requires a few more clicks. From component properties panel, click the Pins tab. Click the little pencil icon near the bottom. That brings up Component Pin Editor, from there you can edit individual pin and assign 'connect to' for hidden pins.

Also, from memory, if you unlock pins you can double click a pin on the schematic and it opens the same edit pin panel. 

Hello D3f1ant,

In the component Pin editor, I cannot find the 'connect to' field anywhere. |O
I'm using Altium version 18.1.9. Is it perhaps hidden somehow and needs to be enabled from the preferences?



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